Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wombat changes

Here are some changes to Wombat:

  1. The type that was Void is now Unit. Its only value, that was empty, is now unit. This is cutting a link to Algol68 usage, but the new naming is a modern standard.
  2. I plan to allow operators to have prefix and left-parameter forms. This will allow the "-" in 5-3 to be different from the "-" in -3. What happens to the right can then be different for each. So prefix "-" can have a higher right priority to infix "-". This will also allow the Python3 "if" style. It will allow the whole APL/J monadic/dyadic suite for those that like that sort of thing. [Previously Wombat could handle -3 because it became unit-3 which could be handled differently via polymorphism.]
  3. The type Muteable X [which used to be Var X before that] becomes Assignable X, following the lead of Robert Harper.
  4. Wombat will make more use of 1-tuples. The 0-tuple type is exactly Unit. The comma operator generates n-tuples for n>1. There is no syntax for 1-tuples, just procedures to go to and fro. Previously I vaguely thought that X and Tuple[X] were the same, which caused various problems. Now all is sweetness and light, and I can, for example say that Option X is just Union[Unit,Tuple[X]], and even if X=Unit, that still works because unit!=to1tuple(unit).
  5. In addition to operators for tight and loose breaks, add breaks representing line breaks with various sorts of indentation change.
[update 2016-09-28: point 4 is rubbish.]

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