Saturday, August 29, 2015

Very early code available

Some new languages have come out with a facility for user defined syntax that is quite weak compared to Wombat's. So I thought I'd code up (most of) Wombat's Super Simple Syntax. It is available at Pull requests welcome! It's not too late to become a founding father/mother of the Wombat Programming Language.

A blog post on Super Simple Syntax will follow this.

The code released is just enough to generate the AST for one small program. it is written in a simple recursive descent style using Python 3.4. Sadly it is not in Functional style. I have no idea how to do that for this program. Advice welcome (pull requests more so).

The SSS code does cover more than is required for the example program, so there is untested code. On the other hand there are features, such as sub-sub-operators and repeat groups, that are not yet implemented.

One reason the code is in Python is because it is the probable choice for the language for an initial version of Wombat Compile Time Language (WCTL). However maybe we can define WCTL as a JSON network API, so WCTL libraries can be written in any JSON-compatible language.

This is my first go with git and github. Let me know what I should be doing.

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